100 Things we learned from film

Episode 28 - The Condemned

May 03, 2021 Season 1 Episode 28
100 Things we learned from film
Episode 28 - The Condemned
100 Things we learned from film
Episode 28 - The Condemned
May 03, 2021 Season 1 Episode 28

This week the boys have been dumped on a island and have to learn quickly about shotgun's, sleeperholds and Vinny Jones' football career.

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This week the boys have been dumped on a island and have to learn quickly about shotgun's, sleeperholds and Vinny Jones' football career.

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Hi guys. And let's make sure we're looking at Hoffman. Fi Johnson, bottoms Jones, Bennett Jones. Again, Austin street. We're looking at 2007, the condemned.  

Hello everyone. And welcome to this week's episode of 100 things we learned from film. I'm one of your hostand my name's Mark plant. Okay guys. And then the other host, Tom. John Watson. How are you, John? Yeah. Yeah. Good. So at this moment in time, Scotland has chemo over the federal lock denture, the pubs at all, and I've not been yet, but I'm going to make a point of time two weeks now, mate, I ain't even thought about it.

Seriously. I ain't even thought about it.  I've gone back to the gym though, which is, which is pretty good. I get some funny looks watching this movie on the bike in the gym. I'll bet. I'll bet that says this has been one of the more questionable as Rachel said last night is possibly, and she ain't even seen it all the way through is possibly the worst film we have covered yet

might be right. But I'm not going to lie, John, and a hell of a time.

here we go. But it's just it's maneless you don't need to thank you. But yeah, it was good. Really good. So the lovely people at home, what, film we're talking about this week? Why do you do it?  the condemned, the condemned from WWE studio. There are so many Films in 2007. We could have watched that are 10 times better and we went forthis .

Right? So starting off super bad. I am legend. I knew I was good. Harry Potter, one of them, one of them, one of my favorite Horrors, Rec. It's amazing. 

Totally. Danny Boyle'ssunshine. Oh, that's a great move under the estimate

like that, that aren't nearly as good. Am I right? Yeah. Yeah, no, definitely. I think that stopped a lot of ideas about it, but yeah, it was really good. There's no event horizon as a slow button. There's a more of a slow burn. And. The Simpsons movie, but that was crap. It was just, it came to years. It felt like about lip service to the, your identity.

AndHot Fuzz previous episode. Yep. Not the only time I'm going to mention hot fuzz in this episode. Yeah. Spot it when you spot it. Right. Let's let's begin. Shall we do this?

So we open and it has the WWE studios logo WWE, as we all know, is what happened to the WWF when the pandas kicked them out? We really get it right up. Yeah. Mr. McMahon I'm not one for wrestling myself. I, I did watch the wrestling a little bit as a kid at friend's houses, but it doesn't really interest me too much.

they're the ultimate warrior and all that. So Randy Savage of last year or late, or the original stuff, but as time went on and he start to do the extreme stuff. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. The ultimate warrior got hit by a Pepsi truck DD now. Or is that just a story? Yeah, I liked all that kind of stuff. Those guys are all dead now. Right? I think the only ones still alive that whole Cogan. Yeah.

of the WWE studios, I did a little bit of a looking at these. The first film they had was called the rundown in 2003, which you might not know John, but if I told you welcome to the jungle star in the rock and Stiffler, you'll go and see seen that movie, the bad guy in it is Christopher walken.

Walken yeah. They've made 57 feature films. Vast majority of which is straight to do fit, including Scooby Doo. And Jetsons wrestling crossovers like the late two thousands last year, they had an income of $208.6 million.

That's a crazy, so they obviously know what they're doing. And I looked through some of these movies, the Marine one to five, I don't really know. I don't know any of those movies, but they've all got a wrestler in the main title. So they know what they're doing.  it. They're playing this smart.

There's a second one of these, by the way. Which if you're, if you're, if you're a British listener means a little bit horny or, Oh, Randy

I seen it, but I couldn't bring myself to look at it because this was just too much. One was enough.  I would assume he's the stone cold character in that version of the film. And the second build person in that movie was Eric Robert million movies. That is, that is like going from Jason Statham to lukeor MattGoss indeath race.

Oh, I haven't seen that second death race. Remake

to do it. Original decimates is a lot of fun. Okay. We open. And his a RASCII in Belarus now because I spelled it wrong. I couldn't find the place. And I spent probably about 20 minutes pouring over a map of Belarus last night. Instead of going back to  the movie, I didn't want Netflix to think I was watching it for a third time.

This week. I just gave up, I was embarrassed in my own home

for an aneurism if I was to the third time, but it's in Belarus. It's the, it's the Vitor Bex prison, which isn't real. But Belarus became independent from the USSR on the 8th of December, 1992,  this prison. Yeah. Eastern block guards. And there's a camera crew. The camera crew come in and the passing by cells and all these cells, the guys are shouting at them and throwing stuff at them.

It's like silence of the lambs, except no one throws any cum. One of the guys, me, they can smell. Nobody goes fan Dabi, dozy, which is possibly my favorite French and Saunders sketch by the way. Yeah. Yeah. That's a great one. Bernie Clifton's in that as well. Rip again, another reference for the kids.

Bernie Clifton is comedy, ostrich Americans, are going comedy. What? I'll putit up on the socials. So they get this guy out and they put him into a break room kind of thing. Isn't it. And they get these other three guys in and he basically just beats them to death. There's a guy in a control room who will learn a little bit more about later on.

And he goes, I want him American guy. I want a band. I thought the guy was, so when I was looking at me, he looked like one of the power lifters or one of the guys strong man named Jeff Caron. Right. But when I looked him up and I MDB, he was actually in mortal combat, which I was watching a couple of hoursbefore,

probably in prosthetics or something, but yeah, just a couple of weeks. So lemons,  they pay to get him out. And now he's being advertised for a show for some TV show.  we don't really know what's going on, but it's going live in 22 hours. And the guy says current awareness is 92% online. And the guy says, I want awareness online of a hundred percent for all the adverts on gaming websites and porn websites.

Okay. Right. Interesting. So we go outdoors and there's a guy setting up a concert. This guy, Goldie, he's got a face a bit like a rat. Here's an, here's a few things. Is there a fast talker is always a fast talker. Yeah. The only thing I knew him out of was Rachel watched a fair bit of that suits. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Full of terrible actors just  like him and Meghan Markle. Yeah. Yeah, he was, he was at, at . I don't know why, but I just got visions of Tropic thunder.

Just, just a quick question for a couple of things in tropics thunder. Has that movie been cancelled yet? Oh yeah, I'll go. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks to council tropics. Robert  downey Jr. Was quite surprised that it's not been, yeah, it should.  Be cancelled. And the  not going full Rword bit as well, that should be cancelled.

, there's a lot of that in this, by the way, there's a lot of casual racism and some less casual racist. This is a pretty horrible , racist things said, , but there's also. The, the R words thrown a few times. So if it's 2007 were we doing that in 2008, maybe America was, I don't think we were, eh, I think 2007, we were all good with it.

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I love a bit of girl on girl,

Goldie setting this up and he complains that everybody that he's got there doesn't speak any English.

So no more oranges today, oranges. . He said, nobody speaks English and I don't have enough cameras. I'm supposed to run something bigger than farm aid meets . We are the world

on tastic farm aid was created to raise funds for farmers in the U S the first one was , September the 22nd in 1985 in champagne, Illinois yeah, the line up . It was massive. John. I'm not mucking about it was huge, but it included Lou Reed, Willie Nelson, who was one of the organizers, Roy Orbison, and at least two of the beach boys.

It said the beach boys, but I know they weren't all talking about that. So it raised $9 million for farmers and their families. And it has been run every year. Since the past couple of years, it's just been like country and Western music. Right. Okay. So don't read it. Yeah. He likes dancing. Yeah. Like sawdust on the floor in a pub to that, that place where the blues brothers play and they pretend to be all they can play is raw high.

Oh. But they had to play lots of Johnny Cash numbers. I'd like that. We are the world's the charity single the America, basically the American version of band-aid. It was written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson and produced by Quincy Jones, which is why he says I'm not Quincy Jones, four of the singers on it includes Stevie wonder Tina Turner.

Kenny Rogers and Bob Geldof give us all your fucking money. That's a bit random. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Obviously he goes anywhere where there's a bit of charity shit going on. Yeah.  legendary singer or icon, hang on a minute. You guys all had a couple of hacks who we shit. Yeah, absolutely. What one song about a school shooting, which hasnt aged well at all.

So what I will say is that in the first year of this single being released, it raised between 44 and $47 million for African charities. Why they're not clear on that on the internet. I don't quite know. But they're not particularly clear that the statement says between 44 and 47 million you go missing.

Yeah, exactly. I that's,   Tory party politics. The one that used against political on this issue. Oh, just getting pissed off for this whole refurbish flat thing. Well, or the shame. Yeah, absolutely.   

Anyway, that's the least of our problems. Isn't it? Yeah. So the boss, the boss is a guy called Breck. Isn't he? Or it's shorter name for Breck? Had you seen this guy in anything? I've not the annoying thing is I know his face for life, man. I mean, I looked at, I looked at his IMD B and I didn't know him from.

Any of the things he's in at all. Let me just a lot of, a lot of wrassling stuff, you know, scrub, camouflage, faces this blends in yeah, exactly arrives. She's this English woman. Who's not very English. The actress is  Australian. He's doing this interview with someone called Donna Sureno tomorrow. It's a big interview.

So she's basically Oprah. She's like Sally, Jesse Raphael candidate. So she's Oprah and he's Prince Harry. He's what's going on here. He explains she explains what's happening or he explains what's happening. So he's got contestants. And the contestants are from death row, and they're going to fight to the death on this Island.

And she says, do you not think that's you putting them to death? And he says, no, the contestants are already dead. They're all condemned.

He says, I'm not going to the networks. I'm going to do it online. And I, I questioned was that new in 2007 stuff

we're on lean back then an online only show. Well, the dinner day, big brother,

big brother thing. I mean, that was just weird. You turn it like you turn your internet on and you can just watch him sleeping. And then one of them had moved and you'd be like, Oh, they're moving. No, no, they're just yeah. Rolled over in the sleep. They getting up for a shit.

 I honestly don't think , we had the internet for that here. So surely they wouldn't have had the internet for that in the States St. Louis, we didn't have the capacity, but the idea for streaming service. We go back into this hope type place. And he says,  bad news about person X he's been killed.

And he said, they shot my, a Rab, what the hell? And she says, Oh, well, the guy says I can get you a Guatemalan. Oh, he says, I've already got two Mexicans. I want a child killing Qur'an reading, suicide, bombing a ramp. And I just died a little bit inside because fuck. Yeah. And I, get, it is not meant to be a likable character, but you know, piss off, but it, they say, Oh, there's one in a prison that you can have has sheen he's in an El Salvadorian prison.

El Salvador's capitalis San Salvador and the country borders on Durez and Guatemala. We go to the prison with some more cameras they unlock this guy. He's got this thing around his neck. Hasn't it's chain around his neck. It looks like he's going to be dancing for

And they put him in with this American guy and this American guy raises these big bolt head. And who is it? Stone cold. Steve Austin Stone cold, Steve Austin. But I don't know too much about stone cold, Steve Austin, John, because not really a wrestling fan, but yeah.  and she never told me sport stone cold.

Steve Austin. Oh, I was quite disappointed in that can Southern. That's why I watched it. She actually watched that were before me and Emma says, Oh, do we're know a bit still goes divorced. And I just liked these wrestling, which meant nothing to me that she lays down. Yeah, she has. She has that Mickey rock movie was good though.

And I watched that clip here a couple of days ago and I'll go and watch that again because I feel like it needs another watch some of this stuff, the content and that, even though at the time I thought, Oh man, that just is too much tons or half of that was really, yeah. Almost the whole thing. Yeah. One thing I will give him is he is quite method.

He's not a great accent, but he's called me. And I think that bought him back into the zeitgeists

yeah, yeah, yeah. And the bit where he's cutting the ham. Oh, I'm going to have to watch that again. Yeah. A couple of times. It's a great movie. Yeah. Is that an Aronofsky movie? I think it's a great movie.

I'm desperate to get away from it. Let's talk about any other movie. 

   So they put this big motherfucker in with stone cold, Steve Austin, who doesn't look like a big guy at any time in this movie, I looked him up. In relative terms. That's great. Short

an inch. That's third of an inch is all important because

I think it was shrinking me five 11. I'm a tiny little wee man, tall

stone cold. Just hates this guy twice and knocks him the fuck out. Denise. Yeah.  and he's down in capacity. Your mom says, I want him, I've got to have him  what's his story.  He's killed three men in El Salvador, which is why he's in prison. Yeah.

And when he turns up, he says, he starts asking him the questions he says where are you from? And he says, I'm from Alaska aware about a little town up North. You've probably never heard of it. Fuck your mama.

Is that the level, . The low tone is set.   . People are gonna love to hate this cowboy. They decide to make corporate like a story don't they, he says, I'll make up a story, say that he killed a school full of our word kids. Even. I was like, why don't they have to be?

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So they're off to Papa new Guinea. So they're off to an Island in Papa, new Guinea, which actually wasn't Papa new Guinea in the, in the film at all. It was filmed in Queensland Australia. But what I do know about Papua New Guinea

 is it has a population of 8.9 million people. And he's a member of the Commonwealth.   So we'll see them, we'll see them at the rugby league in the Commonwealth. Oh, hang on. Rugby league is not in the Commonwealth, is it? So that's unlikely to happen, but yeah, we'll see them at the next Commonwealth games, three flags like that, but yeah.

Yeah. Well, I do as well. I do as well. One of mine and Kirsty's favorite one of mine because he's best nights. I know we've both told you about is when we watched the opening ceremony of the 2012 I love the TGV picture. Yeah. I had to sit there and tell Kirsty where all the flags were from and I got them nearly.

All right. Really it's that Vanuatu? One's the good one. I like the new art.

So the gang, the gang's all here. Right? There's loads of them. And you're going to correct me because I'm going to miss somebody here, there's a British guy. We'll come back to him is a German guy the German guy's brilliant. And an Italian guy. They're my two favorite characters, probably for how well things work out.

There's an American guy with dreadlocks. There's a Mexican guy and his wife. Yep. And then this claim, she's an African woman. The guy says she's an African woman. She's got pretty American accent. She's got a very American accent from God. God. Okay, good. Stone cold, Steve Austin. And the Japanese chap whose name I never got by the way.

He was Trevor go, go. Oh, well, I'm glad to use his name is go anyway. He yeah, he was pretty cool. Have I missed anybody?

no, that's it. I didn't think I had just double checking. Yeah, Pokemon gotta catch all the convicts.

They're putting them onto this helicopter, but before they put them on the helicopter. They're given a tag, they put a tag around their around their ankle, which is normal, where you're from minute John.

Except if you go out the house with this one, it blows you up. Yes.

Concept. I really liked this concept or should I say I liked this concept when I first saw it in deadlocked, the Rooker Howler movie, where they've got the things around the neck. And if we go any further away, the go any further 50 yards away from the person that they're deadlocked to, then their heads pop off.

I'm sure there was one present and they had the same thing and I liked it just as much when I saw. No escape with Christopher Lambert. This is the one you're talking about, John.

And I liked it when I saw it for the third time in battle Royale. Yes. That's the best. Yeah,  yeah, And I'm sure it's in some of the films and please tell us what other films this fucking trope is in. Right. But that's the movies. Those are the movies that instantly came to mind without even thinking about.

Yeah. Yeah. It was, it was a crystal alum bear when it came out. As soon as I see it, it was very reminiscent. Why do I seem to think The guy out of Goodfellas is in that Christopher Lambert, no escape movie. The one minute draw is from I'm sure. The one with the drawers on it from maniac cop, but I'm OSHA.

Westworld. If was in West road, the original movie. No, the first series. Yeah. I see how the sculpture level covers a bit of a little Mexican guy. He's great. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He's right. Okay. Come in. His name is, we don't know the name of the film. We don't know the name of the actor or the character. We still won't know what the fuck's going on,

but we've just learned a bit about the films in the same trope. Yeah.

  So they throw them onto this helicopters. And the last one left alive. After 30 hours will be set free and paid. You got a pocket full of cash and a pocket full of cash. I've missed a little bit where they ask stone-cold what were you doing in El Salvador? He says, Oh, it was topping up my time.

Okay. And you blew up a building. It was blocking my son.

I kind of laughed because it was silly. So they're given this new backstory is we've discovered  the married couple refusing to fight. He said, well, look, if you don't fight, if you don't kill each other, you can still fight together. But only one of you is going to get out alive. Yeah. No, it was great.

Quick one minute, the realization that you need Kelly chiller, throw them on the, throw them one of the helicopters, the helicopters are kind of on the way, and they seem to be controlling music throughout as well. So they're giving it a soundtrack as their live editing, which is, I think that's really cool.

I think that's really interesting the way they're live, editing it and all that. And there's kind of a little bit way through which talks about how much they're struggling to kind of get the right angle because it's, you know, it's not, it's not tele,  give me some rock music and he puts on the worst piece of fucking Twangy like deep South rock music.


The song is black. Betty. This version is by a band called spider bait, who I know quite well, because I used to have a spider bait album when I was in Australia. They're an Australian band. But , they covered this, you know, it  as a Ram jam song from 1977, but the original recording is put down to a guy called who D lead belly led better.

And it's common, deep South works on it's on Spotify and it's brilliant. I'm not joking. It's really, really good. In fact, I've been listening to his stuff for the past couple of days. Which isn't the kind of stuff you listen to with the windows down in the car.  but here I am.

 So they're throwing them out. They're chained up. They put this thing between the teeth and it was only a second watch. When I was watching Rachel, I realized that's the key. It's like a cork with the key on it, put it in the mouth and they throw them out. There's a bit of a battle goes on. They, they throw a couple of them out.

It's a bit of a battle. It goes on and they throw the Japanese guy out. But not before he's done a bit of chop socky kind of, kind of Ava puts them up. Aviator glasses by the way, are designed, were designed specifically to be worn under head gear. The original design was in 1929 by Bosch and Lomb. In association with the U S air Corps and their original design is now marketed and sold by Ray-Ban.

I like an aviator AVS for the car, because they're just easy to put on and off. I need somewhere

MySpace. Why the long face Celine Dion is it cause you shit. That's not really the joke though. Is it.

 Next up is the Italian guy. This is the ginger, the Italian guys, arguing and refusing to kind of jump out and have a bit of a fight with a guy. They kick him out

and as they kick you out, he falls into an old shipwreck

TGI death though. Wasn't it?

But yeah, I, that, I thought why y'all giving me the guy straight, give you the key, but still cool. Does the same thing. Yeah, so they kick everybody out. Stone-cold falls onto a sandbank. I mean, how low must it have been going for him to not have broke his legs and something? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, but he doesn't get his key.

Does he? He just punches him in the face and then jumps in, right? Yeah. Yeah. I dig it.

  Yeah, but it doesn't it doesn't show I'm severe. I was, yeah. So the British guy is Vinnie Jones and he said a little bit earlier on, Oh, max SAS was in the SAS. The funny thing about this he's like, I can't really do accents, but I still do. How can I not do a British accent in English? So I'm like, he's got, I've got a rap sheet longer than your arm.

All right. Fucking Middleton. Fuck Vinnie Jones. I like Vinnie Jones. I think Vinnie Jones is fun and everything.  I was looking at some stuff. I remember the guy is late. He played with  professional football.  all the way up. And I didn't realize, I thought he had played Franklin may never played for the national team.

Yeah. He did talks thinking London, London times. I, I think you'd be much better in this if he was well, shit. Oh boy. We just lost our only, Wellesley's not one person, but the one fact that, that th that blow Maine Vinnie Jones is that he got in the act and by accident, he was pretty much asked to do a back part and lock stock for guy richie .

Yeah. Yeah. And then many dead his part. They asked him to do reshoots and went back to the issue. She gave a much bigger part because he was so good. Okay. Unless you just, maybe a small launch more apart, but I mean, launch, talk to me what

snatch. Yes, that last episode of hours. He's he's good. He's good enough. Why do they call him the bullet Dodger? Because he touches bullets.

That's really good. The last thing gone in 60 seconds, I'd been gone in 60 seconds.

I'm trying to think what else here. Oh, I'm the juggernaut bitch. Oh

yeah. The British remake of the burtReynolds

 movie, Adam Sandler one was, am I imagining the monk in that the goalkeeper was. Stephen. Was he Scottish? Was he maybe Scottish? Yeah. Yeah. Getting Jim latent to do it.

Let me know. as they land, they're all kind of coming together and he says, Oh, they're on the Northern part of the, part of the Island, the beach here. And they're tracking with these cameras, there's this bit with this huge, massive camera on a rope. And I'm like, Jesus, this is so old. This is such an old movie.

Like the camera's on like a, like a electronic police system. Yeah. And, you know, looking at it just because it just got drawn in. No, I thought drones would be the thing here. Yeah. So the German bloke turns up with the Ghanaian LASSI and they're fighting. And the note I've made is the German guy looks like some sort of.

  Nazi, Alexi, sail,

screaming, and shouting, and he tries to attack her, tries to rape her. Basically she stabs him in the neck with a bit of driftwood, which is cool. And then Paul's his tap. So what I didn't point out earlier on was these things have got like a little red tab on and if you pull them, they blow up 10 seconds later.

That was a good idea. I like that. So she's running away and there's an explosion. Something about explosions on sand are like, it's the, all the sand that rains down in slow motion after I thought it was quite good. So we've got our second of death and the bed of glass that's left. Yeah, that would be awesome.

Yeah. Let's say there's 5 million users logged on. And he says, okay, whatever, I want 40 million, like the super bowl. That was a big number one at 40 million. Well, yeah, but here's the thing. I looked up the last super bowl,

 which was 2020 per the figures. I didn't have the last one, but 2020 super bowl was televised to 757,000 people, which was almost double 20 nineteens. Whoa, go. COVID.


No, no, no, no. It's not. It's not anywhere near 40 million. I don't know where he gets the idea of 40 million households watch it. It's just made up. But yeah, it's a, yeah, absolutely for sure. And it goes down this track of every now and again, checking in to see how well it's doing.

  So stone cold starts attacking the Mexican guy. Are you tracking me or me? Your goal? Are you tracking me?

Amigo essay? Are you tracking me SJ? No, I am just after Rosa

Cole, give it a rest. So he lets him go and off. He goes, well, next up with the dreadlock guy, you know, me, John, I don't make a note of anybody's names. I don't really care who these guys are. The Mexican guys called PATCO. I know that much in Rosa. Cause they keep saying the names all the time. The guy, I think might have been called Mackie, the dreadlock guy, but I could be wrong.

 He's the other American guy. Yeah. Hi, McKee McKee. He spots the camera and start smashing it up. And then this helicopter drops. Drops a bag with food.

Rachel said, yeah, it's like the hunger games. It's got food. It's got water. It's got a knife, but here's the Japanese guy. I did think when he got the knife, I thought, Ooh, that's a bit like John's favorite Rambo knife. Yes, they go. It's not mine, but that was prac

Japanese guys here. They do a bit of Kung Fu action. Th the, the American guy cause apologies listeners, but Vinnie Jones calls him Rasta. And you know, he is a Rasta, absolutely vintage. So he wraps him up in the parachute, which I thought was really good and then runs off. This plane, by the way that the fighting outside of was a beach 25 bomber.

Yeah. That was the one thing. Yeah. Good. It's good. Yeah. A B 25 bomber. I didn't do too much more on that. Cause I honestly that's rabbit hole. I could have probably done 60 things on. Yeah, yeah. You just let them up. Yeah. He runs off his Vinny is Vinny and the thing is I like Vinnie Jones. We've covered that.

He's awful in this. There is, he's got no redeeming features in this movie and I just. I can't imagine. Cause I hear he's a very nice man by all means. Very nice and relief. Yeah. I, I read a, I read an article last year. He lost his wife last year, quite young to cancer. There were lone pain together since they worked there were kids pretty much.

It just comes across as such a honest, nice, nice guy. He's got like a Hollywood football soccer team and the America. I think he plays with Gerard Butler. Well, yeah. Yeah, it will be well, that's the thing. I was going to say that because it's weird because when I was watching this film, it reminded me about, have you ever seen gamer.

Yeah, it's a light now I know it's late. Oh, my nest could have been a lot better. I bet they just sort of ruined it. So maybe that's why they're in league with each other. Cause making shit, movies like that. All right. The pictures him late when he was born and carbon and the bowls. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. He has come a long way.

Yeah. It's come a long way. Shout out to a friend and regular listener. Ian, who's a big Wimbledon AFC fund. As it stands, looks like they might be staying up. Good luck to you boy.

  So they decides to team up with the Japanese guy, gives him the aviators back. It says they look much better on you and he ain't wrong.  Stone cold now meets up with this big fuck off Russian. And this is the point where I said is massive. He knocks him down and he goes, start it out and we're, don't have a problem.

And he's like fucking Eddie

fuckin problem.

Absolutely. Or they're rolling around on this kind of cliff edge as they kind of fight and roll in the round. It's still called bound to die. He's got die here. The big Lutz tag comes off on a little bit of a sticker, something just it's on a branch stoke cold, kicks him off the cliff and he just explodes halfway then.

Yeah, just a little more show up for them there. Can you repeat it? It was great. It was a lot of fun. Now they're on 12 million followers, We're now 37 minutes into the movie and here are the FBI. Yes, the movies. I mean, the movie is too long. The movie, the movie, the movie has got more fucking endings than return to the King.

Yeah, it just goes on and on and on. Yeah. But the FBI are here, but don't expect much from them listeners if you haven't seen them because they're shit they're here only for exposition. Nothing. Yes. That's that can't even say that IP address is right though. It is just fine.

At least show some graphics or some, some getting benched. The boot from

was absolutely no mentioned. Yeah. Oh yeah.

So they find out that stone cold is called Jack Conrad's. And he's from Texas. How did you figure out what that accent? He just vanished, but he's ex lives in Texas. She's got two kids and he, or she is the FBI caller. She works at some shitty bar. So she flies off to this shitty bar job. She says to the boss, can I get on the computer?

And he's like, yeah, yeah, of course you can. You've got high speed. Right? He's like, yeah, we've got high speeds. There's a fucking ride suit. It hasn't seven. Wasn't it. But what she doesn't say is because I want to go on some fucking website where men and women are murdering one another. I just go on that gaffer.

Is that all right? Just want to stream some hardcore snuff film porn and do that bus go on fella. Why don't you go get yourself? So don't worry about it by the way, HR want to chat with you on Monday morning. She jumps on. it is, it's basically a big brother, but they're watching fuck all, like she gets all upset, but they're watching nothing.

They're just watching a fucking hillside at this point. Just a picture of him, pictures of who they are. And she's, she's upset because she, I mean, imagine watching nothing, imagine, imagine, cause it's like $50, isn't it to get access for like the 30 hours or whatever. Imagine paying your $50 and cycling through the cameras and never see in a fucking kill.

That's like the beginning of Jurassic park in it

and get something as it usually is just looking at bushes like a fucking serial killer and bloodied. But without those pandas Packo finds his Rosa and they're copying off, but it's all right. Don't worry about it. it's not one of those films where I have to turn it off in the gym.

Here we go. And this is point number one while I was on the bike, because he is VIN fins there, it ties up Packo. And now he's off to check out the commerce Roshe. So we know what's happening and he's kind of behind one of these. Big kind of Rooty trees, isn't it, you know, the big twisty root trees and they, it, now this movie's got an 18 certificate and it has to be almost into almost entirely for bad language.

Yes. Because it showed the content a hint of rape. There's only, I'm not saying this, like I want to see it. Of course. Yeah. I know. I know what you mean. Yeah, yeah. I know what you mean, but other than your man that gets it through the chest, you just see explosions, but they see it as basically for the language in it.

Yeah. Yeah. So, so you don't see any kind of, quite as interrupters in date. So. In the meantime, Breck, the gaffer isn't happy because they can't see Rosa getting raped because he's that kind of character sending the live units, the English girlfriends upset. She wants them to stop. I'm supposed to be a camera guy supposed to be a samp.

Yes. Yeah. So they, they come back to Vinnie Jones and he's walking away and he says, cor she's one angry bitch. And then before you know, it there's an explosion. So he's obviously done what he's done and then pulled the tab. Paco's gone. He says, don't worry. He's not going to get far. So they've injured him a bit.

I haven't, they they've closed. And as we find out a little bit later on the broken his knee, I can't imagine how bad that feels. So it's night now and stone-cold finds Packo crying. They're broken his knee was it said, I knew it was in the notes somewhere. Dreads in the African woman team in up the boss says, what is this friendship Island?

Little, you go and stone colder on some they call it the Japanese ruins. But I thought it was the bridge that cabbie dies on an escape from New York. Yeah. That's that's

PATCO asked him to kill them for him. He's limpid stone-cold has given him a stack to help him walk, but stone-cold says he's off to find a radio tower that he's seen. I've got something to do. Yeah. But there's a North take something. There is a there's some stuff shoot. And then. About if you find some led led, and he covers his bomb tracker and he goes, GPS, no signal.

I don't like being followed to something like that. Bye. He says to Packo, Hey, so take this gives him like a it's moving a knife. Is it? It's like a bit of metal. Hi chef. If he goes crawling up this rope in the meantime, Brexit is Chris CR Christmas bag. He calls it to ven. , and he's going to somehow lead them to the Japanese ruins.

Now I got confused here. Yes. It was a combat boat and Bowie knives and cigars. But most 600 pound cigar cutter for Durant, unfortunately. But I thought it was booze. It's not booze, isn't it? Yeah. But then I seen him sniffing it. I thought it was drinking. It drank wine. What else you got to do? Just drink it.

And then yeah,

the happy ending. The FBI guy is told to get off the case, your after case. The DIA is here now. So stone-cold was special services, black ops since of El Salvador to break up the cartel. He ended up in prison when he killed three people and they left him there to cover there. Yeah. Yeah. As soon as I said,  black bag, black ops, one of his coat get a black bag.

So we're back in this hope now, and Goldie's certain that stone cold's coming for them. He's now at the watch tower and he's sleep holds this guy. So he's not killed anybody actually, yet he's not, he's not gone out of his way to murder anybody yet. So he really is the good guy, although he's not really an actor, is he.

No, the sleep hold is not his move. By the way, I was kind of like, Oh, this loosely brokers, this is move the sleeper hold is a move where the wrestler begins, positioned behind their opponents. They wrap their arm around the opponent's neck. John can see me doing this and pressing the biceps against one side of the neck and the inner bone of the forearm against the other good.

That gets squeezed inside the very child doing this. You're doing it, man. I'm feeling really tired, John, actually shit,

my podcast and voice not precious. It was a pop pop you path. God Jesus.

It was a popular move with actual wrestling actor, rowdy Roddy, Piper.

Oh, man, this movie would be so much better with eighties, British wrestlers

wrestling team. Oh, fantastic. Live from Dundee's cares hall.

I've been seeing that I'd be streaming that $50 or more.

They'd all be better. Right? Stone-cold real name was. Harvey something. Shirley Crabtree, big man girls' name. His grandson used to play a rugby league for this field in England, Earl Crabtree

in all this field, actually there's no age,

  the watch sour punches another guy out and call Sarah the woman at the bar. He's got some bank details for her. And I I've just written really bad writing. I don't want money. I want you. Why didn't you tell me where you were and at no point does he go. Oh, we've run it all. Salvadorian prison, baby. I couldn't call you in the last few years.

She knows where he is though. And she doesn't mention it. She doesn't say, I know you're on some TV show, baby. I've just paid $50 to watch it. It's all very weird than it.

Yeah. He says the latitude latitude was 7.54292. So places that he could have been on the seventh parallel. Oh, yes, he could have been, it could have been at all. It could have been in some thought it could have been, it could have been in Darlington. It could've been in Doncaster. I realize all of these places are not level in this country, by the way, he could have been in Belfast, Belfast.

He could have been anywhere and he could have been in Brazil, Peru, Tanzania, and Gola, and the not very democratic Republic of Congo. All these countries that are democratic republics are never very democratic. Yeah. I think there's a Republic of China

doesn't even sound right? No, absolutely. No, no. Although there is, there is a Congo that is democratic, but it's just called the Congo. Yes, just because there's two isn't there there's two to two congos where they drink on Bango. And one where they're not allowed to excuse the rules. Sorry, loud. No Um bongofor you.

Robinson squash

that's been canceled. That's too orangy for crows. He could also be in Papua New Guinea where he is, of course,

 countries. I've just learned about agile. Maybe you're all over that countryside player,

but then the power goes off before he could give her the long teach. You'd Oh, that's it.

And they're here for him. They've got machine guns. He dives into the Bush to get away. And the FBI now, no. He can only be in those particular countries. Yeah. Surely you'd get like a floor expert, like some expert on the local plant life and get them to tell you which countries send screenshots to them.

I just go, which countries this, and they'll just go, well, it's not Tanzania because that would be a squarely. See the poverty or, or this field Keithley,

railway children.

So the machine guns that they're shooting him with all of the people on the Island, all of the, security guys, and they didn't have the same machine guns, heckler and Kotch  machine guns. They fire nine times 19 millimeter caliber bullet, and a featured in mission impossible fallout speed.

And they were in an episode of Jersey detective program. Burrs YURAC. Oh, wow.


a lot of people going through the midlife crisis, driving convertible cars, Charlie boy, with the thing. Yeah. I always used to conflate the characters in that with the characters in love. Joy, love, joy, love, joy. Yeah. Easy mistake to make.

Now we're back with the Rasta Rasta and the African girl, and they're in their insides. Under the plane aren't there or they're inside the plane. I'm not sure if it's the same one and they're talking and he says, Oh, you know, I must have landed on my neck. And she says, all right, you can trust me. This is art.

He says, I can't trust you. He says, he says, I can't trust them. The woman it's going to take me awhile. I see I broke out of prison on my way to Mexico being transferred to Mexico. And I made my way to Malaysia. I had a marijuana farm and the, the girl that was my life, she got caught on some junk, took possession charge.

And because of that, she dumped him in and he says, you know, having being caught with five pounds of marijuana is, a life sentence in Malaysia. So I'm just not ready to trust a woman yet. Baby, baby. And she's gone and he just goes, Oh, not again, fucking plane blows up again. That was a pretty good day.

Yeah, that was fun. It was fun. So we're back to Packo, ease now being battered by then carrots called McSorley Goldie. Can't watch he's out. And there's a couple of other characters. You aren't characters. There's little ginger lads. Isn't there. Who's another camera guy. And he said,

yeah, yeah, he says 25 million people are watching bean boy, get his ass kicked. I mean, God, no wonder Trump got in. No wonder we're this kind of shit. There may be played this, all of these kind of rallies today. Stone cold, like a red make America. Great. Again, how drinking pops blue ribbon or something Goldie says is he's not going to have it.

He goes outside. He starts throwing up blonde partner. comes up and says, , we need to stand up to him. And Goldie says, we've crossed the line beyond the line. I thought we'd cross. All right. Yeah. Well, Good to see. You're a standup member of the fucking community gold.

I know we've crossed the lane beyond the lane. There's a lane beyond the lane and crossed it. So Brett slaps his girlfriend and says, you're trying to save some hall. And she says, no, I was trying to save you. Holly Oaks is written that. There's like fucking daytime soaps in the U S I expect Dr. Drake remora turnip fall down a lift shaft.

Okay. Only friends reference I'll make on this podcast. Stone-cold is now back at the ruins. Is it the other side of this rope? He's climbed across Vince battering, Petco, and He's got this, this, this ball is pretty awesome, but he looks like Katniss Everdeen, done it through his chest at point blank, empties the booze on him and then drops this cigar.

And by the way, these cigars are tiny little cafe creme cigars. Aren't proper food, Colombian Savannah, and. Yeah, the boy Israel, I thought

in the movie. He runs out of arrows,

karma a satisfier to him. And I instantly thought brilliant amount on fire, but you don't see it. You don't see it or the, yeah, it's just missing so many beats that would make it because on something like Netflix shooter, they can just release them on rated version. Yeah. Yeah. That would be in an 18 Israel, no exist.

Anyway, even then shouts came on and I was like, is it fucking Wayne's world hockey?

Good, good. Oh, by the way, we've been getting a lot of traction online, a lot of pressure put on to do so I married an ax murderer, so I think we're going to do cyanide an ax murderer of before, the end of the summer. Okay. Okay. Okay. How he's going to be an Epic, Epic. We both really like it and there's a lot of Scottish references.

I'm good with this grudge thing. So I, here, I I I'll tell you I'll, stone-cold dives into this bunker and the Ghanaian woman's there. I feel really bad for not knowing, and I don't feel bad for not doing anybody's names, but she's called you center. I think you said that. There you go. So they jumped into this bunker and she's kind of fighting stone-cold who's like stop fighting, stop fighting.

She stands up and then get shot by a, by an arrow. A Japanese guy throws a Molotov in, and the fire's kind of clique creeping close to these rockets, these ancient rockets for like 50 years, stone-cold opens up some sewer grates and she refuses to go with him. She pulls a tab and then boom. But he's only underneath that.

He's only. Just under strange Julie, that would cave in on him. Oh, the fire would just go through the gate. Cause it's a great, it's like it's like you can get your hands into the great. Yeah. McSorley thinks it's just him and the Japanese guy. So he starts chasing him like some sort of Cockney Robin hood, but wait art stone.

Cold's here where you go kid

we're at the bar, where is Missy's work? Sarah works and they all start cheering him on. The light way. Fantastic. But what he's done is he's got this bit of metal. You see, there's a bit of metal

braces on his arms, but I think he missed a tricky, I think he should have gone full the shredder from the turtles and put them between his knuckles. Just gone, like rebar the shower them. But I guess that's not the wrassling. No, no, he's a good guy. He's a good guy. Yeah. So he's here fighting the Japanese guy.

And he manages to kind of knock him over and grab the knife off of him. I guess there's no rules about bringing shredder arms to a knife fight. He gets the knife and stabs him dead. So now they're the last two Vinnie Jones and stone cold. Steve Austin, who would have thought, Oh, hang on. I've seen the poster and both their names are on it.

Mike stone-cold was number one. He was the lead, because it's a WWE initially. It wasn't going to be, I think initially before they'd bought the rights to it, he was going to be the bad guy. And did you say, did we, did you be a good guy? Yeah. I mean, yeah, whatever you watch wrestling, I guess.

Is he here? Is he, is he a, is he a good guy? I have, no, I would have been cheering on you better believe it. I, I cheer on all the Welsh superheroes, Michael sheen in that Brian cliff film, you know, all of the, all of the Wells people. So they're, cheerly mom. A little bit, but then

yeah. Jones jumps into the water to get away from him and they both jump in and there are back at the hub and the boss says, find him. Goldie says, I love a new underwater cameras. I'm not Jacques Cousteau, Jacques Cousteau. Of course, as you know, was a French oceanographer documentary film adaptation of his book, the silent world, which won the Palme.

d'Or at the 1956 Cannes film festival was the only documentary to have water Palme d'Or until bowling for Columbine. One, one. Michael Maldon. He is also not bill Murray in that receives this just a very quick off, off the subject. Not a question, John, are you a Wes Anderson movie fan or not? Nope, no, no, no.

I've watched a couple of new and take it or leave it. I think there's obviously an aesthetic. People will like it. They like the style, but it's just never interested me Royal Tenenbaums. I think that royalty bombs really put me off. I've got to admit, I don't like the Royal Tenenbaums. I've got to admit it just didn't do it for me, but you, you must, you must give the  Oh, the hotel Budapest hotel.

If you've not watched it, give that another go. That's very good. That's a lot. I think there's a lot of talent. It gets, it gets a lot of talent together and I just sometimes feel it's sleek. So sure. I know what you mean, but that's just my opinion. A lot of people, a lot of my friends love it, so, well I liked the aesthetic.

I like it. I like a lot. The people in it are other, I'm a, I'm a big fan of them. Although I would say Royal Tenenbaums is my least favorite film. Twitter is going to go fucking mental at me for that statement, but it just, it just doesn't do it for me. And I think it's  probably Gwenyth Paltrow thing. I think Paltrow thing I really have,

but I really have it in for that girl. And then I just do the best thing. The best thing that she has ever been is a head in a box. Well, maybe it's like a bit of your vagina.

I'm just going to light this candle. Hunks of men

could have even talks about, about Minch candles in this film and it was wasted.

So they come out of the water

 and there'd be packages. There's a new package sent for this final, final fights before he can get the package, though, there's a brilliant little fight between. Stone cold, Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones. This stuntman who was a really, really work hard on this one. Yeah.  Stone-cold falls down. What looks like some sort of water slide on the cliff.

Yeah. Have you seen that? Have you seen that class action documentary for the actual park movie? You've got to go away and watch that new Jersey's action park. The document's called class action park. It's brilliant, but it's basically, it's basically full of young people getting injured and some dying in this in the seventies and eighties, nineties at this waterpark it's as if me and you designed a waterpark go away and watch it is.

So I think it might go on Amazon or other places that you can get things that aren't Amazon on Netflix on the internet. So he slides down this thing, quite blatantly, just a fucking water flume. And then it goes into the water and everybody at the, the bars, like, Oh, heartbroken, because he's dead. I know it's always it's gone because the fish, yeah, yeah, he's done.

He's finished four, but like, it doesn't even really look like he's died. Do you know what I mean, John, I want to kind of break things up with a little quiz for you. I want to ask you a few questions. So what I've got for you, John is I've got five TV shows, five TV concepts. And I want to know from you, whether or not you think these reality shows are real or made up.

Simple. So you just have to say it's real. It's made up. Yeah.

Okay. Number one,

 climbing for cash. Yes. I was going to tell you a little bit more about it, but yeah. Climbing for cash. Huh? I've seen it. You've seen climbing for cash. Where have you seen cash

claiming for money and yeah, they're climbing the climate climbing wall and they've got to grab the cash rail. I'm afraid John. It's wrong? No, it's not real. It's from the running man. It's that that's where, you know, from that bit out of the running man, it is not really,

you had seen it, you had seen, and I can picture it as well. And there's like

shouting, number two, a pizza, the action. It's a reality show about the competition and dirty tricks between new York's rival pizza parlors is a pizza, the action real or not a pizza. The action is a concept created by chat smash podcast on Twitter. It is not real. Oh, fudge SIG. Although today just smashed.

That sounds real. Yeah.

Number three, the rectangle.

Is this like, this is so cool. I don't know. I don't know anymore. I found it's called the rectangle right before you go on a reality show. It's just a reality show. I don't know anymore. Just called the rectangle. I'm going to see is true. It's false. That was big chef little chef who

knows. I'm going to say yes. I said, he said, I said, if you got any more anyway, no, it's just called the rectangle. Cause there's one called the circle and that went. I know John, he's going to fucking believe that. Read out Twitter, feed me and you do brilliant.

One kin for coins is wanking for coins real or not real.

Ask me, I'll tell you what one key for coins is about. Right? Put it in context,

your wine, you get money. John, you are correct. Is Charlie Brooker's TV go home website from the early two thousands. By the way, TV go home is still available. It's like radio times page that you used to release every month, once a month. And it would be programs he'd made up. If you liked Charlie Brooker.

And I know Kirsty does, you'll get a big kick out of like five years worth of that when that was on the internet. And the final one. Podcasts to hell 100 podcasts is it's old. They aren't allowed to use the words. I have a podcast. If any of them manage it for 24 hours, they get a Spotify deal.

I would like to see it's true. So I'm going to say it's true. John is false. What does the boys at gamers watch a game pass podcast that came through our feed. So John, you are not the next Joe Rogan. The one that you did get was the blatantly obvious wanking for coins

for free, but

Oh shit. I'd go one more on the list. I can't believe I missed this one off the list. Right? I need this one. You do need this one. This one's called fake fan. It's a game show where people have to answer, answer trivia questions based around their favorite franchise. I E star Trek. Doctor who star Wars, all that kind of shit.


No, I don't have that bit of information. I just have, this is what it is and this is what they have to do.

False false. It is false. That one was from the book nerds diaries on Twitter. Thank you very much, but you didn't manage to Fox him on that one. So you got two jobs. One is the thing. One is definitely chat chats. Fucking blown was

 So back to the movie stone-cold gets washed up on the bank. Are you covered in like coats and bruises and it's a real massive so he's all right, but we don't know that yet. Or at least if we're watching on TV, we don't know that Finney Jones has got this shotgun that was dropped and all these cameras are getting up close to him. And it's like guys dressed as shrubs. Isn't it dressed like

that sketch out of Monte Python. It's where you have to pick one of the three shrubs to blow up and there's a person behind one of them.

   Ghost to shoot this camera list, this guy with the camera. And he goes, I'm just a camera money film this. Yeah, sure. So yeah. May I see to the interview with Bracken Donna and she says, and you will allow kids to watch this. And he said, yeah, hopefully kids with a credit card. He says, kids should be monitored by their parents.

It's up to parents to make sure that they don't watch this. And I'm like, alright, Vincent man, is that the message? Is that the, is that the fucking message? That's a really hot take. And then she says, this is the line of the film in 24 hours, millions of watched. I felt sad at the start. I felt angry at the start.

I'm no longer angry. I'm now sad. Those of us that tuned in. We are the condemned right back in your face. I nearly fell off my exercise bike watching that I am not joking. That is the most fucking on the nose piece of shit. that's the message. The message is don't watch like this online because you're a bad person.

And I look, I'm pretty sure not everybody that watched faces of death video that went around their high school when they were a kid, ended up doing a podcast like me and John, but I can assure you these two boys that watch, that faces the death video that went around their high school dead become podcasters.

I never saw the second one. Never saw the second one did give me nightmares. No jump. I was a very impressionable in charge just on your door. And it was just a documentary. So the law is some of that stuff was real like the monkey brains and stuff. But majority of the stuff you saw was directed, it was lit up.

Oh, I didn't know that. Yeah. So for years I thought it was a real thing. I thought it was, it was like, you've been framed extreme.

I think so many things like when you see no accidents and the five minute people jumped off mountains and while that's real bad, when it came to the electrocution is not sort of stuff is staged. You you've been framed indeed.

So the FBI have finally found the islands. The film's nearly done, but it isn't, they're sending the seals there in an hour.

All right.

Just his bed.

on the beach. I think I haven't seen that Navy seals film since I was a kid. I wonder what's going on with that? I wonder if that's a good movie. Has Michael been in it? Yep. Yep.

I remember it was a long drawn out film. I don't remember it being Isaac. Satan is 10 minute or stuff like that, so, but maybe well worth watching. So they've hit 171 countries worldwide. So a lot of countries Brett now knows that the Navy come in and he starts heading out, leaving the crew because the big helicopters back at the main land.

So then when we got the little helicopter, Goldie confronts him and says, you know, you shouldn't believe in what are you doing? And he says, Oh, well, you owe me money. He says, I'll give you a mil. He says, no, you owe me a percentage. It should be million. I guess his throat slit for the trouble. Goodbye.

Goldie ear comes Vinny he's at the camp. He's the winner. Brett takes the thing off of his Netflix and takes the, yet takes a bomb off with his necklace cake. He wants money as well as his freedom. And Brett tells him he's only one because I wanted to stop Colt he's on his way into camp. Brett goes back to Blondie to give her a kiss.

She's having none of it. So we just leave like isn't talent, but he just leaves her Vinge with some guards, he says are, give us a FAC. He says, okay. And he does a guard, goes to light his cigarette. And he headbutts him proper, proper Vinnie Jones move. I move grabs the gun, kills them both. And then it's fucking fire star by the prodigy.

Yeah. I couldn't believe that Israel.

Jesus.  couldn't. I believe that was one. It goes into the hub and it's like, here's my fucking reality. Start shooting them all stone cold at the camp. Now Brecken, his goon grabbed him. Stone-cold says, Oh, I'm going to kill you to the goon. And like seconds later grabs his gun and kills him. You're like, well, okay.

Well, yeah, and I guess Brett runs off to the helicopter. Stone-cold saves the blond character from then. I keep calling the blonde character. Sorry, listeners. It's just, she's not even a character. She's blind. She's barely. Yeah.

 Brett runs off to the chopper. He goes to the chop or

two machine guns and these Juul wheeled in these two machines. It looks fucking good. It looks good, but surely as be recoil, right?

You don't even see any, 

can we shoot in it? The helicopter? It doesn't do anything, but Blondie gives him Vinny's bomb. He pulls the tab on this thing that weighs nothing and manages to Hyatt like 500 yards in the air, half a mile in the air. It lands in the chopper and then the co some cartoon chopper blows up and crashes into the

done. And now he's back in Texas at the farm, and we've had more endings there than fucking anything in the world is done. .

And the movie ends with a Nickelback song, fucking

ruin it. It ruined that it's not a good film, but I absolutely Melissa's. You're shut off completely. Yeah. If you look past the shit and the fact doesn't

mate, across two trips at the gym, cause this took me two goes on the bike. I managed to do 32 miles on the bike to this movie. She just sat and peddled for an hour and then paddle for another hour. That was it. It's not an hour and 55 minutes. So I got lucky. I got lots of paddling done without having to think of him.

Which is great. Good. But it's, got some explosions. That's good. Things that I've missed the shotgun is an arms core, M 30 R six. This version is the shortened, the barrel version and Rafe spalls Andy character uses one in hot fuzz. Grape excepted through the supermarket has got the shotgun.

One of them,

   the bow is a height pro elite compound bow. At the time of recording, there's currently one for sale on eBay, the current bed. So 102 pounds. So if you want one of them, you probably need a license for something I wouldn't. Yeah.

Stone cold is really called Steven James Anderson. He's been married four times and you know, that Austin three 16 thing, and it would hold up Aston through 16 at the wrestling. So that's a reference to John three 16, which is for God. So loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Apparently it comes from an interview. One of these not real interview, but an interview between characters, you know, a scripted interview in the sh in the wrestling show where your man, Jake, the snake Roberts still alive. Said John three 16 and he replied with, Oh, stint through 16 says are just whipped your ass and that's yeah.

That's where that came from. It's not Dickens, is it? It's not, it's not quite Jane Austen. Is it that? Well, no, it was written that shit's written John. It's not all it's fucking written scripted, you know? But certainly not written and scripted by anybody that's any good. Come at me. The internet. That is me for things.

You got anything? Nope. That's to be done. So it wasn't a fight leading heavy thing. There was near sheets to talk about this job. That's going to protect maybe 65 down. Oh yeah. 55. 45 50, two 52. That's our worst in a long, long time. So it sat in an Island. There's hardly anything to go on. Yeah, that was no product placement.

Yeah. Yeah. It's all good. It's all good. We covered something a little bit different. COVID some, a little bit different. We had a bit of a laugh. It was fun stuff. It really was. There was no, there was no brain stuff. It was good. Just to just chill out. It's good to ride the bait to that sort of shit. Oh, for sure.

I keep going between thinking it was fun. It was all right. And it was shit. It was rotten. Like I can't make up my mind. I'm glad Vinnie Jones got payday solemnly. So that's the thing. I was looking to see what you would get paid, so that sort of thing, but they don't give me anybody's pay days. Everything.

, right? It wasn't a main building. No, but I would assume they probably won't tell you how much stone cold Steve Austin gets paid. Probably nothing. He's probably just on the payroll probably gets a yearly wage.

Venice is just vintages when a couple of weeks for free, probably. So if you want to find us on the socials, we are at 100 things, pod on Twitter, where we are most likely where I'm most active setting John up for the next episode, feed that boy at 12 feet we are, and the rest we are on Facebook and Instagram at 100 things fell.

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 Covering and we will have a bloody good go at it by the end of the summer when we do the listener request stuff. So thanks for listening. We'll be back next week with some more bullshit as you know,

this is absolutely, absolutely. That doesn't mean we don't enjoy it. So I've been Mark and I'm enjoying, and this has been

52 things we learned from WW.

Say, yah, Yeah.